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About the game:
Blood in Roses+ is a Japanese otome , one among the Shall we date? dating sim games developed by NTT Solmare. It was first released on 20 April 2015.
The "+" indicates the application is free but contains premium stuff for the collectors. Since 2015 , the game has known few revamps for updating the look of the application and for a more convenient use on smartphone. This game is oriented to a +12 years old audience and contains occasional nudity.
Blood in roses - main view.png
In this game , the heroin encounters a beautiful but terrifying genre , vampires owning a castle connected to the human and to the dark world. After having premonitions or being sent by the villagers' chief for investigations, she has her blood taken. The heroin has 10 days to localize the rose garden , otherwise she will become a vampire. This game is available on facebook , google and is only available through th Dear Otome application for IOs users.

Shall we date? Blood in Roses


Floating magical purple book , for making the section pretty. (items from Legendary heroes special date)

Blood in Roses+ contains illustrations of characters, backgrounds, and other avatar items born from the imagination of Solmare's creative team. If the style associated to this game is at first rather dark and Gothic oriented , the evolution of the application and of the audience as well has permitted to include different styles that can be be easily summed up as not ordinary.
Besides this , once you have selected your route this is up to you to choose how you want it knowing there are 3 types of endings: the serenade ending , the toccata ending or the farewell ending. Note the rewards will change in function of the season a character belongs to. Only the serenade and the toccata ending feature normal cgs and that those cg can be obtained only once.
Through the story , you will find checkpoints aka Love challenges that require a specific avatar item or a certain amount of Lady level in order to continue in the story. Depending of the route you have selected , you may have a diary written by your character and you will also collect special pictures after selected a specific item or reaching a certain point. On the parallel of reading , you need to control your resources , you can customize your avatar and show your support on Solmare's page or on the comment  sections .
The characters:


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